Collected Historical Information

Information on various places in North Nibley over the years which has been collected and presented by members of the historical society.

Wotton Road

Information on Wotton Road and Tyndales Monument

You can also see old maps of Wotton Road in our maps section

Church, School and Nibley House

Including the Chantry House, dating back to the 15th Century

You can also see old maps of the Church and School in our maps section

The New Inn and Northfields

From Land accusation in 1789

You can also see old photographs of the Pubs in North Nibley in our gallery section

The Street

Information from when building started pre-1881

You can also see old maps of The Street in our maps section

Public Buildings of North Nibley

Including the Tabernacle, Youth Hostel & Wesleyan Chapel

Loosing the The Railings in the War

Memories from 1942 when the Railings were taken by the Ministry of Works & Buildings

The Village Pump

Wells, pumps and Water Supply information

You can also read memories of North Nibley's Water Supply in the Memories Section

St Martin's Church North Nibley

North Nibley school and St Martin's Church c 1900